Despite a lot of changes within our community The Scalford HiFi Show 2017 is set to be the best ever. It brings new and old wammers together with other HiFi specialists for the biggest event in our calendar. The ultimate ‘bake-off’.

Reserving Your Exhibitor Room

The show spread-sheet has been available for some time and for those of you still wishing to exhibit all you need to do is put your name down here:

Danny (Duvet) is heading the room allocations up so please speak to him regarding anything room related.

TRADE EXHIBITORS and anyone outside the forum is welcome to exhibit and should contact Peter


Naturally we have visitors from all over the country and the correct postcode is LE13 1LH. This is another informative thread on the fastest route from London

Arriving | Unloading | Parking

All exhibitors MUST set up on Saturday 18th March 2017. Please arrive and park in the car park. Before unloading come into the reception area so that the organisers can make sure you get help if needed and that you have ample time to unload without damage to your equipment. Once you have unloaded, you will be shown where to park and leave your vehicle for the weekend.

Setting Up

The rooms will be available from 12 noon on Saturday. If by chance they are not cleaned in time then please place equipment in the corridor outside the rooms. Those in sleep and exhibit rooms are welcome to set up what they can on Saturday and then when the bed/s and furniture is moved, complete the set up early Sunday morning. The hotel staff will have moved all furniture for you by 8am latest. Those in syndicate or larger rooms are of course free to set up as they please throughout Saturday. Plenty of help will be available as usual.


Floor Plan


Look Who’s Talking!


2nd Hand HiFi SALES

Come and meet our new presenter Laura Naylor

Laura, our new face of TheWAM.TV will be visiting and chatting with all the exhibitors. Some of you will be giving short talks on all things HiFi and you will be notified when and where. If you have agreed to talk to our visitors then please make sure you have cover for your room.

Newbie Guide

If you are exhibiting for the first time click on this link to get some sound advice from the masters of what to do and what not to do:

Comments From Last Year’s Show

If you are in any doubt whether you should exhibit at the show then just take a look through the comments from last year:


There will be tea and coffee available for our exhibitors free of charge all day Saturday (and it goes without saying the bar too but alas not FOC). Light snacks and sandwiches are available from the hotel throughout the day in the lounge areas or via room service.

Saturday Evening (certainly not compulsory)

This year we are going to do things a bit differently as we have a lot of new people attending for the first time plus the focus is on bringing the community together more and simply having the best possible night we can. Many of you simply want to wander around the rooms and talk to friends and that’s great too – it’s up to you! And don’t forget the Pies see this year’s thread for orders.

However for the adventurous we have the following: (times are a guide only)

ENGLAND V IRELAND is being shown on big screen in the main bar from 5pm

DINNER will be served from 7-8pm

LIVE MUSIC from The Happy Meldrews (Barneys Dad) from 8.30 – 9pm (1st set)

CHARITY MUSIC QUIZ (Rapid Fire) 9 – 9.30pm Hosted by DJ Dean

LIVE MUSIC from The Happy Meldrews (Barneys Dad) from 9.30 – 10pm (2nd set)

DJ DEAN plays glorious tunes from 10pm onwards

Saturday Beer and Bars

There will be a good selection of real ale and other great beers available and this year there will be more staff and an extra bar in the main hall. The resident’s bar will remain open late (until the last man standing actually).

Beer Bar

Sunday Breakfast

Breakfast on Sunday will be held in the Pavilion and will be available from 6am (those of you still up can just wander through). However as the hotel needs to prepare for the Visitors it will close at 9.30am.

So Sunday breakfast is 7am – 9 am.

Refreshments On Sunday

Tea, coffee and snacks available from the hotel all day and a traditional Sunday carvery will be available from 12 – 3pm in the Pavilion

Show Closing Time and Breakdown

The show closes at 5pm on Sunday, many exhibitors stay over on Sunday too but for the majority breakdown should usually happen 5pm onwards. Many people are usually available to help move equipment, please just ask. Please let us know if you wish to stay over on Sunday too.